The Binaytara Foundation’s Efforts in Improving Cancer Care Disparities 

By Dr. Brenda Santellano


The Binaytara Foundation (BTF) is actively engaged in improving cancer care disparities. Through various initiatives and partnerships, BTF aims to address the challenges faced by patients, healthcare professionals, and healthcare systems, particularly focusing on underserved populations. 


  1. First Blood and Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Center in Nepal

The BTF and the University of Illinois Hospital at Chicago and Health Sciences System have partnered with the Civil Service Hospital of Kathmandu, Nepal, to establish the first Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Center in the country. The center aims to serve thousands of patients from Nepal and neighboring states, addressing the significant need for BMT in the region [1, 4-5]. 


  1. Partnerships and Training

The partnership focuses on training Nepalese physicians and establishing the necessary infrastructure to perform autologous and allogeneic transplants. Collaborations with institutions like the University of Illinois at Chicago facilitate training, knowledge exchange, and capacity building in areas such as hematology-oncology and bone marrow transplantation. The UIC Center for Global Health collaborated with BTF to develop Nepal’s first blood and marrow transplant unit. The partnership aims to provide training, guidelines, telemedicine support, and visits to Kathmandu’s hospital to support Nepalese physicians. Additionally, telemedicine initiatives and educational programs extend support to healthcare professionals in resource-limited settings [2, 4-5]. 


  1. Advances in Hematologic Malignancies Conference

BTF organizes educational conferences like the International Conference on Advances in Hematologic Malignancies to disseminate knowledge and advancements in cancer care, addressing the educational needs of healthcare professionals involved in treating blood cancer patients. Keynote speaker Manisha Koirala, a cancer survivor, praised BTF’s efforts to improve cancer care in Nepal. Over 300 delegates from 12 countries attended sessions on recent developments in cancer diagnosis and management [1, 3]. 


  1. Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center in Janakpur – Southeast Nepal

The BTF founders inaugurated the first cancer center in southeast Nepal, aiming to provide affordable cancer care to a significant population of 20 million from Nepal and India. The center focuses on patient care, research, and education, addressing immediate and long-term needs, including human resources, infrastructure, and diagnostic services [6]. 

  • Offers histopathology services, addressing the previous lack of such services in the region, becoming the only institution in the region to offer such services, enhancing cancer diagnosis and treatment [7].
  • Started the first head and neck surgery program in Madhesh State, impacting the community by providing essential cancer treatment [8].


In summary, BTF has implemented a multifaceted approach that binds collaborative partnerships, capacity building, infrastructure development, and sustainability planning to address cancer care disparities, particularly in underserved regions like Nepal. Notably, these efforts have resulted in significant milestones, including successful bone marrow transplants and improved diagnostic capabilities. Sustainability is a key focus, with an emphasis on continuous monitoring, evaluation, and adaptation of programs to ensure long-term effectiveness and impact. 




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Author Bio:


Dr. Brenda Santellano is a research associate at Georgia Cancer Center. He has no conflicts of interest. 


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