Binaytara Foundation September Conferences


Binaytara Foundation Hosted Two Conferences in September 2022

September was a busy month for the Foundation as we hosted two conferences, the Cellular Therapy Conference in Salt Lake City, Utah and the Northwest Women’s Cancer Conference in Portland, Oregon.

Cellular Therapy Conference


The 2022 Cellular Therapy Conference was held in Salt Lake City Utah on September 9th. This conference featured presentations and discussion led by experts in the cellular therapy field. During this conference, the oncologists’ presentations focused on their clinical data, observations they have made, and recommendations they want to share. 

According to the Conference overview, “The goal of this oncology conference was to improve the knowledge, competence, and performance of learners to apply practice-changing clinical data and expert recommendations to optimize clinical outcomes for patients receiving cellular therapies for hematologic and non-hematologic disorders.” 

Conference attendees

We had about 40 attendees, including well known medical professionals and fourteen different vendor companies. Several attendees left glowing feedback.

“Very helpful in my scope as a hematology fellow. The quick topic discussion with 15-20 minute slots kept the discussion brisk and on topic. I appreciated that speakers included a fellow and an APC, and included two infectious disease specialists and a radiation oncologists.”

Conference Attendee

Northwest Women’s Cancer Conference

The second conference we held was the Northwest Women’s Cancer Conference located in Portland, Oregon on September 17th. According to the conference overview,  the goal of this activity was “to improve the knowledge and competence of learners to apply practice-changing clinical data and expert recommendations to optimize clinical outcomes for patients with breast cancer and gynecologic malignancies.”

Conference speaker

We heard from many different qualified healthcare providers about their studies and findings within the field. Colleagues and attendees were able to ask questions and learn more about the topic being discussed. 

About 70 people from all over the nation were able to join us in Portland. This included about 25 presentations from faculty and 15 different vendors. 

Conference attendees

The Binaytara Foundation is a global cancer non-profit dedicated to improving access to cancer care in the United States and abroad through education and innovative program models that break down barriers and advance best practices in hematology and oncology. Binaytara Foundation’s major projects include hematology and oncology conferences, and the establishment of a cancer hospital in Nepal.


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