Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center Supporters’ Dinner Honors Donors, Supporters, and Volunteers For Cancer Care Achievements

Dr. Shah BTF Cancer Trust dinner

Janakpurdham, Nepal, April 17, 2022 – The Binaytara Cancer Trust (the non-profit organization that operates the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center) held a Supporter’s Dinner on April 15 to thank the donors, supporters, and volunteers who are helping to build the foundation’s new, cancer hospital, and to raise money for its Head & Neck Oncology department. The supporter dinner & fundraiser was held following the groundbreaking ceremony for the new 200-bed cancer hospital that it is building in Janakpurdham.

We want to thank everyone who is helping to bring cancer care home to Madhesh Pradesh in Nepal,” says Dr. Binay Shah, president of the Binaytara Foundation.

The new Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center (BTFCC) hospital will allow more patients in this province to receive cancer care without leaving their loved ones or traveling for 8-10 hours for each appointment. Our current hospital has been very successful, but we need a larger building and more staff to meet the needs of the many cancer patients n our area.

Dr. Binay Shah, President, Binaytara Foundation

Established in December 2018, the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center is the only cancer hospital in Madhesh Province that provides cancer treatment in the region including chemotherapy, head & neck oncology service, cancer screening, cancer diagnostic and pathology service, radiology services, 24-hour emergency, ICU, and in-patient services, and other medical services in Janakpurdham. In addition to the cancer services provided at the hospital, the cancer hospital team of doctors, nurses, and lab technicians also travel to local community health centers in the neighboring communities in Madhesh Province to provide mobile cancer screening and clinical services.

The Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center recently hired a Head & Neck Surgeon and started the first head & neck oncology department in the Province. With the availability of cancer screening, diagnostic, treatment, and palliative care services close to their home, the people of Madhesh Province can expect to receive high-quality cancer treatment and care in Janakpurdham at an affordable cost without the suffering that comes with not having access to care that they need.

New Hospital Plans for the Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center

This new Binaytara Foundation Cancer Center hospital will serve the patients living in Madhesh Pradesh and the neighboring states of Nepal and India, with a population of 25 million. The Binaytara Foundation anticipates serving about 25,000 patients per year. At the dinner, Dr. Shah expressed the need to fund equipment for the new hospital’s Head & Neck Oncology department and encouraged donors to help with this goal.

The foundation honored three supporters with awards for their hard work, dedication, and achievements:

  • Mr. Binod Thakur received the “Supporter of the Year” award for donating ten kathas of land on which to build the hospital building.
  • Dr. Anil K. Jha received the Donor of the Year for donating 200,000 rupees to the BTFCC in 2020.
  • Mr. Nabin K. Sah received the Volunteer of the Year award for his selfless contribution to the Cancer Trust and BTFCC.

The supporter dinner & fundraiser also included speeches by Dr. Siddhartha Yadav and Dr. Andrea Veatch, a PowerPoint presentation by Dr. Shah, and an entertainment program featuring Mithila’s unique culture.

For more on the Nepal Cancer Center expansion and how you can help, please visit the project page here.

About Binaytara Foundation:

Binaytara Foundation is a global cancer non-profit dedicated to improving access to cancer care in the United States and abroad through education and innovative program models that break down barriers and advance best practices in hematology and oncology. Binaytara Foundation’s major projects include hematology and oncology conferences, and the establishment of a cancer hospital in Nepal.


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