Enhancing Recruitment in Cancer Clinical Trials

In Dr. Henderson’s presentation titled “Utilizing Culturally-Tailored Edutainment Videos for Enhancing Recruitment and Decision-Making in Cancer Clinical Trials,” she addressed the multifaceted challenges anticipated to impede clinical trial enrollment, particularly prevalent among minority communities. Beyond commonly cited barriers such as inherent mistrust in healthcare providers and institutions, limited comprehension of clinical trial processes, and apprehensions regarding potential drug side effects, additional impediments such as socioeconomic disparities, logistical challenges, and cultural beliefs further complicate recruitment efforts. Dr. Henderson underscored the critical need to proactively address these barriers to ensure equitable access to clinical trials and foster broader participation.  


To overcome these formidable obstacles, Dr. Henderson’s team is poised to deploy a comprehensive methodology. They will employ diverse research techniques, including interviews and focused group discussions, to meticulously identify barriers and motivational factors influencing individuals’ decisions regarding trial participation. Drawing insights from these methodologies, the team will develop culturally-sensitive edutainment videos tailored to the specific needs and concerns of the target population. These videos will not only address identified barriers but also provide comprehensive information about clinical trial procedures in an accessible and engaging format.  


A pivotal aspect of Dr. Henderson’s initiative is the rigorous evaluation of its effectiveness. To this end, the team plans to administer pre-viewing and post-viewing surveys to participants, aiming to gauge changes in trust levels, comprehension of clinical trial intricacies, acceptability, and decision-making self-assurance following video exposure. Subsequently, they will assess the impact of these educational resources on actual patient enrollment in clinical trials. Through their pilot initiative, Dr. Henderson’s team aims to methodically measure shifts in trust, knowledge acquisition, acceptability, and decision-making self-efficacy among participants, ultimately striving to dismantle barriers and foster a more inclusive landscape in cancer clinical trial involvement.  


This proactive approach not only seeks to address existing disparities in clinical trial participation but also holds promise for enhancing overall healthcare equity and advancing scientific research in oncology. 




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