Faculty Highlight – Women’s Cancer Conference, Portland, OR

selina liu, md

Meet Dan Veljovich, MD and Selina Liu, MD!

In this week’s faculty highlights, we present Dr. Dan Veljovich and Dr. Selina Liu.

Drs. Dan Veljovich and Selina Liu joined as faculty at the BTF’s Northwest Women’s Cancer Conference in Portland, Oregon on September 17, 2022.

Our staff, Tiani, sat down with Dr. Veljovich and Dr. Liu to discuss their roles in the conference and how they relate to the Binaytara Foundation’s mission of improving access to cancer care through education, advocacy, and innovation.

Dr. Veljovich, an oncologist at Swedish Cancer Institute, hopes to give back by sharing his expertise in ovarian cancer. Dr. Veljovich says he finds the foundation’s mission very compelling.

Dr. Liu is a Hematology/Oncology Fellow at Oregon Health and Science University. Dr. Liu says she was excited to present a case at the BTF’s Northwest Women’s Cancer Conference because it is also an opportunity to learn while sharing knowledge and contributing to the foundation’s goal of educating healthcare providers about the latest developments in the management of cancer.

Watch the video to hear more!


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