Four Oncology Conferences Held in October 2021

The Binaytara Foundation organized three in-person oncology conferences in October 2021. The 2021 Updates in Hematologic Malignancies and the 2021 Precision Oncology Summit were held in Salt Lake City, Utah on October 2 & October 3, 2021 respectively. These two conferences brought oncology providers from the region to discuss new updates in the care of blood cancer patients and the advancements in personalized oncology care utilizing precision oncology.

Renowned precision oncology experts such as Dr. Neeraj Agarwal, Dr. Vivek Subbiah and other experts provided participants with the latest updates in the management of cancer patients. Similarly, hematology experts such as Dr. Jerald Radich of the University of Washington and several faculties from the University of Utah Huntsman Cancer Institute provided attendees with the latest updates in the management of malignant hematologic disorders. In addition to lectures, discussion, and case-based presentations, these two conferences also featured scientific abstract presentation sessions. Researchers from various institutions in the United States presented their abstracts at both the Updates on Hematologic Malignancies conference & Precision Oncology Summit. Accepted abstracts from both of these conferences are published in the International Journal of Cancer Care & Delivery.

If you missed the Precision Oncology Conference or the Hematologic Malignancy conference in Utah, you can still access the recordings from those highly rated educational sessions on the Binaytara Foundation Education Academy website.

Here, in Seattle, we held the Seattle Multidisciplinary Lung Cancer Conference & the Northwest Oncology Nursing Summit on October 23, 2021 at the Crown Plaza Downtown. Both of these conferences featured cancer care providers from the pacific northwest as participants and faculties. Watch the recordings from these meetings on our Education Academy. All recorded webcasts provide continuing education credits for eligible healthcare providers, and are free for those who are not employed by the industry.

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