The Binaytara Foundation’s Journal Welcomes Editorial Fellows

The Binaytara Foundation’s official Journal, International Journal of Cancer Care & Delivery (IJCCD), selected two early career physicians as its editorial fellows for the year 2021-2022. The IJCCD editorial fellowship is a one-year program designed to provide early career physicians including residents and trainees from anywhere in the world an opportunity to learn journal management strategies including processing, peer-review, revision, and publication of manuscripts. Editorial fellows work with editors-in-chief and other members of the IJCCD editorial board who provide mentorship to the fellows and help the editorial fellows to write and publish at least two manuscripts during the one-year fellowship.

The application for fellowship opens in mid-July, and two fellows are selected in early October from the pool of applicants. For 2021-2022 fellowship year, Rupali Sood, MD, MPH, from Harvard University – Massachusetts General Hospital & Sulav Sapkota, MBBS, MD from Birat Hospital Nepal were selected as editorial fellows for the 2021-2022 Fellowship Year.

The International Journal of Cancer Care and Delivery (IJCCD) was established in 2021 with the goal of providing oncology professionals and researchers around the world a platform for sharing their research and experiences related to barriers to cancer care delivery and effective solutions that they have identified, tested, and implemented to navigate those barriers. IJCCD is an open access journal that does not charge a fee to authors for manuscript submission or publication.

Learn more about the Binaytara Foundation’s journal, IJCCD, or the Editorial Fellowship program here.


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