The International Journal of Cancer Care & Delivery Announces Article Awards

The International Journal of Cancer Care & Delivery, the Binaytara Foundation’s official medical journal, is inviting manuscripts from lung cancer experts and precision oncology experts for its 2021 article awards. A total of ten awards of $2,000 each are available and will be provided to the first author of the selected manuscripts.

The accepted manuscripts will be published in the open access journal and will provide continuing education credits to eligible healthcare providers upon meeting the required criteria for such credits. Expert physicians are invited to submit their abstracts under “Lung Cancer CME” category or “Precision Oncology CME” category.

The International Journal of Cancer Care & Delivery is an open access journal that doesn’t charge authors any fee to submit manuscripts. If you are interested in submitting manuscripts for the article awards or are interested in publishing your research, feel free to explore the information for authors.


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