Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Subodh Mallik fundraised $9000 to help BTF’s global mission

Dr. Subodh Mallik, an internist from a rural community hospital in Fort Stockton, TX, fundraised $9000 to help establish a mammography service at Binaytara Foundation (BTF) Cancer Center (BTFCC) in Janakpur, Nepal.

Dr. Subodh Mallik

“I have known about the Binaytara Foundation for several years because I have known Dr. Binay Shah [BTF president and co-founder] on a personal level for 7-8 years,” Dr. Mallik shared. “Three years ago, he gave a presentation in Phoenix about BTF’s bone marrow transplant center in Nepal. There, I spoke with him about BTF’s other projects and decided to support his efforts.”

In 2019, Dr. Shah shared with Dr. Mallik his plans to establish a mammogram center at BTFCC. Dr. Mallik is from Kathmandu, Nepal, and was keenly aware of how important but scarce breast cancer screening is in that part of the world.  Shortly after that pivotal meeting, Dr. Mallik, along with five of his friends, started the Social Association of Professional Nepali in America (SAPNA) to help areas heavily impacted in Nepal during the COVID-19 pandemic. The organization furthered its philanthropic efforts by hosting a virtual event called “Performance for Cause” to raise awareness and funds for BTFCC’s mammography service

“Binay has so many other projects going, I felt like we could help raise most of this then he can put his efforts elsewhere,” Dr. Mallik explained.

On Valentine’s Day this year, Dr. Mallik and his wife participated in Performance for Cause by sharing a video of them dancing together on social media, fundraising $9000.

“BTF has grown and shown it does great work in Nepal and the United States, and we want to support organizations who have pure intentions and good work that stands out,” Dr. Mallik said.

SAPNA plans to continue supporting other efforts at the foundation and in Nepal, alongside outreach towards organizations in India. BTF thanks Dr. Mallik and his wife, SAPNA, and everyone who donated towards the growth of BTFCC!



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